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Week 8 Assignment

What is the one most important thing I have learned about using online communities and networks in innovative design?

This is a pretty simple question to answer as I had little knowledge about online communities and networks. I wouldn’t have been able to tell you the difference between crowdfunding and crowdsourcing. The most important thing I have learned is probably that, as a designer you are no longer alone, you don’t sit in a room all by yourself talking to no one. Instead by being open-minded, people all over the world may access your design ideas on the web and vice versa. This makes it simpler to gain insight on how your design is viewed on both a regional aspect as well as on a cultural. If the idea is successful one can, using crowdfunding invest in startup capital to eventual nurture his design as they grow.

Another thing that I found out is crucial in making a successful design is teamwork. Sometimes you do not need to go online. Instead, especially with a group like we had we already had a mixture of multicultural backgrounds. This means that teamwork is on a smaller scale is a representation of online communities, as our group became a small community. This applied directly to our NGO as the business is spread over multiple regions and require a means of improve communication between these regions. This was very similar to our group as communication was an area we lacked in. However when communication was on point so were our ideas and this lead to a great design.


What are your design principles for designing and fostering online communities or networks?

I personally am split between these two design principles: Good design is as little design as possible and Good design is innovative. I believe that it is true that the possibilities for innovation are not exhausted. Technological development is always offering new opportunities for innovative design. However it is also true that a good design is as little design as possible, this is because it concentrates on the essential aspects and it removes all the non-essentials only displaying the core. This sometimes means that something that is simple is not necessarily easy, as work needs to be put in to remove the non-essentials.


What would you tell next year’s class about the course?

 For those who will be doing this study I would tell them: you will be very confused for the first few weeks but just keep trying and don’t be afraid to say any ideas that come to mind. The most important aspect however is teamwork it would make working a lot more efficient if roles are distributed depending on what each member wants to do. This is because people will work on what they, themselves chose to do.

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Week 7 Assignment

Which of the themes we’ve been looking into so far will be of the most use towards your goal of solving the unmet need of your NGO?

I believe week 5: theme 2 - work teams is key to solving the need of our NGO. This is because:

  1. Motivation: Teamwork does not only mean people sharing ideas and exchanging thoughts but as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs points out social needs/sense of belonging must be achieved in order to proceed to the next level and ultimately resulting in motivation. This said it is crucial for all team members to be motivated and willing to discuss their ideas. Once the ideas flow and people are more confortable in the environment we can put ideas on paper and discuss them thus making it easier as a group to visualize which ideas would work and which ideas need some changing.
  2. Get to know each other: Another reason that I believe theme 2 is important is because 5 weeks have gone by and by then everyone should more or less be confortable with working and knowing each other. Knowing your teammates take time, this is why sometimes it can take more time to get everyone participating. This means that for some people slowing down the pace of the conversation as to let some people have a turn to talk. This week especially teamwork was at its best it allowed a brainstorm of ideas that as a result created a rough draft of what our group thought would be a fitting solution for Solidaridad.
  3. Halfway there: After 5 weeks everyone is more relaxed with working together however 5 weeks also means that we are approaching the deadline this encourages people who like me, have been a little bit to relax to work. The result of everyone’s input resulted in a great brainstorming session on what our final solution should include. Hence time constraints also encourage teamwork. The key role in any teamwork is communication and that will also be the key to succeeding in meeting the needs of our NGO.

What do you think the solution should be and why?

The solution we came up with was an interface that would encourage communication and thus improving the production of produce. The interface would make it easy for someone in one particular region to learn how someone else in another region is doing. After a group brainstorm we decided to group. We found that this idea has potential but with input from the rest of the group we decided to keep the idea that people in different regions might want to communicate only about the produce they are interested in, hence we categorized by produce. Grouping people and region by what produce they are producing. Ultimately the solution had to be for us at least a means of sharing and communicating on both a global and regional scale.

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Week 6 Assignment

What do you see as the pros and cons of crowdsourcing in design?

There are multiple types of crowdsourcing such as:

  • Crowdfunding: similar to charities, projects are funded by a large group of people. Kickstarter ( is probably one of the most famous examples, where funds are acquired from people who take an interest in the project, projects vary from gadgets to movies. The clear advantage of this is the sharing of ideas as well as establishing a small market.
  • Crowdwisdom: A perfect example for this are site like Yahoo Answers (, where questions are asked in front of a large pool of people willing to answer. The advantage of this is multiple people will answer the question and the person who asked the question can take his pick. However a disadvantage would be that some questions never get answered, as people might simply not be interested.
  • Crowdsourcing design: These projects are funded for a large group of people to design something. Rally fighter car is a perfect example of crowdsourced design as the car was designed by the community and built by the business local motor (

But the one ill be focusing on is crowdsourcing in design. Crowdsourcing in design both has advantages and disadvantages the list below shows the pros and cons:


  • Reduce cash expenses. Only when compared to the price of hiring a dedicated professional, hence this means cheaper labor. This of course only applies if a business is crowdsourcing.
  • Allows company to focus on other factors. By crowdsourcing it can allow a business to focus on other urgent factors that need solving.
  • Frees up space in the building. By freeing up space, the space that is now free can be used for something else such as another department hence this may increase overall productivity
  • From an idea to a Design. If someone has a idea yet is unable to visualize this idea he can put his idea on a website such as that allows one to post an idea and have a bunch of designers communicate with the client on what he or she wants.


  • Cheap labor results less credible product. Cheap labor might have its advantages but ultimately you pay professionals for their expertise, experience and dedicated spirit, but you use cheap labor for completing simple task.
  • Any task considered above simple is risky for crowdsourcing. This is because there is no contract; this means that if workers find something that is too hard they can stop any time they want.
  • Difficult for collaboration between crowd members. This is because in some cases a business that is using crowdsourcing will put up a price in return of the work. Hence it becomes similar to a competition were every one wants to win.

Overall I think that everything has pros and cons why someone should not do something. But depending on what the business or the individual wants to crowdsource may determine if it will be successful or not.

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Week 5 Assignment

What is working well for you in your group? What is challenging you?

We might of had a slow start with some miscommunication and organisational issues but after one meeting we are back on track. This is one of our strength as a group as after one meeting we were able to create a action planas well as divide the team into smaller team. 

Our group is also very good at organising information and making it easily accessible. For example information from every week and every meeting can be accessed via google docs. Thus, we able to constantly examine ourself and continuously add information to the document

What i find challenging is clearly understanding what our main goal is. this is because i first understood that we had to design and improve on Solidaderos communication, however i later understood that we are only meant to give advice on how communication can be improved. 

What is the impact of size? Culture?

One problem that might be caused by difference in culture is the way we interact with one another. For example people who learned english as a first language will talk a lot and be very direct and to the point. While people who have learned english as a second or even third language will take a lot longer to respond as they first need to think in their own language and then translate it to english. For example before i write or speak english i first think what i want to say in french and then translate it to english.

As for size we decided to split the larger group into smaller groups each with a specific task. This is because smaller teams with a single task will work faster and more accurately with one another. The Groups are shown below:

  • Leader, liaison between groups - Connor
  • Organisation of the cite - Ceire, Karolina 
  • Visualisation of the cite and video - Mario , Maarten
  • Research and Communication- Efe , Niki

What is one thing you might do differently in the coming weeks to improve your experience and the group’s work?

More meetings as to improve the exchange of information and any new findings people have made. However I think that improving communication should be a priority, as we have seen Facebook does not always work since telling people about a meeting via Facebook can easily be overlooked. As for Whatsapp or any other communication app that requires Internet will only work if all members of the group are connected to the Internet. 

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Week 4 Assignment

Do you use online spaces primarily as an individual?

I wouldn’t say i use online spaces primarily as an individual. online spaces such as Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp i use mostly as a mean of communicating and interacting with each other. This is because of my international background i have friends all over the world and these tools simplify communication and are easily accessible for every one.

While with online spaces such as tumblr, instagram and youtube i mostly use as i means of absorbing information. Take youtube as a example, i go on youtube everyday with the purpose of watching a video im not interested in all the comments. I think that this is because the people commenting on youtube videos, tumblr posts or instagram pictures are strangers to me so care very little what they say.

Are you a member of defined and bounded groups? Or do you interact along the way as you intersect with others in the wider network?

The groups i am part of can be split into two catergory one side you have the groups related to education such as New Open innovators (IDE) or ISH Year 13 (group of all last year students that would help each other) and on the other side i have groups such as Year 13 senior trip and Cuba trip aimed at partying and having fun events. However all these groups have one thing in common as they are all private groups. I personally do not interact on a wider network, the reason for this is because if i am not aware of the persons identity i care very little for them.

Which online space is most valuable to you and why?

personally i prefer my Twitter or deviantart ( account. The reason why is simple, Twitter i use to express my thoughts in a matter of seconds. while deviantart holds some of my creative pieces and so due to the time and effort i put into those pieces i see them as valued possession presented on a website. But my most valued online space is Whatsapp the reason is simple i am part of this group chat on Whatsapp with all my closest friends and they have now all left the country, so what whatsapp allows us to do is to communicate just like how we would text each other, yet for free.

Which online space is most comfortable?

Definitely Facebook and Twitter. Twitter i find comfortable due to the freedom it gives you. You might have the word restriction but come on, twitter is meant to give you a quick glance at what people are thinking as you scroll down. While Facebook has very specific privacy settings giving us great control over our digital identity. Facebook is so comfortable to use due to control an individual has over their account and who they add as friends. This is the main reason why i started using Facebook as it was a lot more comfortable to use than BeBo (another social media tool) and Facebook also incorporated a tool similar to msn messenger making it easier to communicate with each other. I go on Facebook everyday yet i still wonder why do we use Facebook?

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Week 3 Assignment

Digital Identity, any one who has placed any data on the internet has one. Digital Identity can be defined as an online identity adopted or claimed by an individual or a organisation. A digital identity can be very beneficial for future careers or have the complete opposite effect, depending on what information about you is out there on the internet. 

My limited technological skills will not be much help to my team but i am always ready to learn. Nonetheless what we lack with editing platforms skills we more than make up in communication and organisation skills.

However, we could make a trade with group 6 who are willing to provide us with help when it comes to editing platforms in return for helping them interpret the task. 

My digital identity started the day i got acquainted with the internet especial social media, but social media such as Facebook lack user control as other peoples post reflect you as well. Hence hopefully with the help of my tumblr blog i will gain more control over my digital identity.


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Week 2 Assignments

I have interpreted the class goals in the following manner: Respect and help your group understand what the NGO wants done. As well as communicating with the NGO followed then by processing the information into a plausible and achievable design for that specific NGO. Ultimately by working together we will find ways to resolve the problem and then evaluate our solution.

i would want the outcome of our team to be something that we can be proud of. At the end of the project the end result needs to be something that our NGO is also satisfied with and that the end product is something that can actually be used. Ultimately i want both parties to be satisfied with the end result.

My skills are more towards working and producing tangible goods whereas for this project it is more orientated towards design a means of communication. However i am more than happy to draw and brainstorm any ideas that our team comes up with.

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Testing Testing 1 2 3

This is my first time using Tumblr so i’m just experimenting with it.

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