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My own Online Space.

These days more and more people are becoming addicted from the Internet. Some people think that excessive using of Internet will make new ‘brain-dead’ generation of children. Trevor Baylis, who invented the wind-up radio, said children are losing creativity and practical skills because they spend too much time in front of screens. But I disagree with this opinion of Baylis. I think that actually children who are using the tools, and Networks are becoming more creative. Yes, of course it may harm communication skills, but it’s better to communicate via Internet with someone when not communicate at all. With this little introduction I want o start talking about my online space and how I am using it for my individual needs.

As I wrote in my last blog I prefer using such tools as Facebook and WhatsApp. They let me communicate, follow or collect information about the people who are important for me. Also I could share my experience with other. For example music, news and stuff that I am interested in.
 However as an individual online space also I use Instagram. Maybe the fact why I spend this program less time is because I don’t have opportunity to communicate via this program. But again, I could follow my friends and people who are interesting for me.

Talking about network which is the most valuable for me is ‘YOUTUBE’.

  • Easy to use it
  • I could collect information (For example, add list with my favourite music, share playlists or even create folders for my own stuff.)
  • Also I could be added to the groups, of course it is not bounded, but anyway being in such groups as ‘BBC’ let me receive information about the new faster, because just entire the main page I could see the latest shared videos.

Thanks for attention.Bye:))

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Week 3. My knowledge of ‘tools`..!

Hey Everyone!

My blog for the third week I’ll start with a short introduction of the last week’s results (what was interesting for me/which new skills I received during the classes).

  • GOOGLE HANGOUT - It was really FUN (It’s amazing, because we were 10 groups in different places, but we could talk, laugh, and learn new thing just each from other at the same time!)   / IMPORTANT (I have never had opportunity to use programs like this before, so for me it was new a VERY IMPORTANT skill that I received during the IDE course.:)) / USEFUL. (Now, then I understood how this program works, I could not just make conversations among all my friend, but, above all, me and my DREAM TEAM 4, could use this program  for meetings and it will certainly will help us to reach more goals working with project.)                                
  • TEAM WORK - strong relationships among group members (Thank you guys, we had a really good time together.!) - It helps to understand each others opinion, aims and it helps to grow up as a team. Also, one of the groups member introduced us with new tool, which is very helpful (we could create our groups notes (what we have to do/what we have done and etc.) What is important talking about SHARING OUR KNOWLEDGE.

  • SPIDER GRAM - Honestly, at first I didn’t get it why we are doing this gram. However, during the task, I started to understood how actually this is important. At first, I realised how my colleagues understand the necessity of team work, relationships and etc. and of course how our project is important for them.:)))

                                    Talking about WEEK 3.

I’ll be straight and honest. My knowledge of tools isn’t at a very high level.

As almost all people in the world, I am using Facebook too.. It lets me to communicate with my all friends (all? yes all. because all of them are using this tool. I think it’s crazy.). As I said, it lets me to communicate with ALL my friends, no matter where they are, and what they are doing at the moment. Without communication, I also could received a lot of information from Facebook. For example, Where are the people at the moment. Whose lost the game. Who is not in the mood and so on and so on. But in fact the main thing why I am suing this it’s because I could keep in touch with the people who are important for me.

I’m not sure if I could learn my class mates something new with this tool, but.. If you want to, just ask! hahaha.

Second tools:  INSTAGRAM, WhatsApp.

I love use them, because it’s easy to understand how it works and also it gives me a lot of information about what is happening in the world around me. Talking about WhatsApp - It’s the most easy way to communicate with people. (also I like the smiles there! they are so cute.):)) - The most important tool for me!

It lets me not just to listening to the music, but also it helps me to learn, to share my experience, and to share my music with other people.
I started to learn how to play piano, guitar just with the simple youtube’s clips, but because of this tool, I started to take music as a very serious thing in my life. Soo, Thank You Youtube!:D

That’s it for my blog in which I shared my knowledge about the main  tools which I’m using and what role these tools are playing in my life this moment. Thanks and see you! Ciao.:)

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TUMBLR. checked!

TUMBLR. checked!:

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