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One Last Powerful Kick for a Perfect GOAL!!

As the Week 8 starts, I fell glad and regret at the same time. I fell glad because I finished the first Module of IDE with no such big mistakes. In the contrast, I fell regretful because I could do more good than what I did so far. I really learned a lot about how to become a successful person in this field and how teamwork is very important in this field. Also, how the use of online communities or network can be useful.

Talking about online communities or network, I think it is the most important use toward my goal of solving the unmet need of NGO. The first reason is because by using the online communities or network, we can share and talk about one’s idea to others more easier. It is a digital native world now. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Hangout, Skype, and etc. can be used very usfully just by downloading it in my computer. We can share in words by typing or by seeing each other by video-chatting. For example, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Hangout, Skype, and etc. can be used very usfully just by downloading it in my computer. We do not have to meet each person we want to talk to by face to face, but just have to post things in their pages. Of course, this may bring to a bad hobbies of being a computer nerd and not coming outside or not trying to meet people, but since the world is still running and technology has been improved more than the past, we have to follow it. We just need to control it by using the online communities or network in a good way. Do not become a slave of computer! Next, best way to spread words to others not just people close to me, but to people around the world. If I just post what I want to say in my own online communities or network, every person (in Facebook, usually who is ‘Friends’ with me and in Twitter, people who ‘Follows’ me) can see it and if they want, they can spread it to other people which they are ‘Friends’ or ‘Following’ with. It is more easier than the past days, where they spread and share what they want to say by senting letters or directly meeting to that person in person. I am not saying meeting in face to face is bad, but sometimes it can be too complex to meet someone in face to face if they are in another country as me. Too far to go meet them. Again, if one just control themselves in using the technology, it will be the most perfect and helpful and easy way to spread my words. Lastly, we can share ideas in different kinds of ways, which is more visually good. In the past, we only could share by talking, drawing, or writing by myself. Of course, writing or drawing with my hand is good and shows one’s true heart. However, these days, technology and design has improved at the same time. People (like the company mostly) are requiring us to show them more visually good works. We can make moving slides with Powerpoint or Prezi to describe about something, which is more fashionable and good at impact. These are the reasons why I think online communities or network are important.

Ending the last posting of my Blog Post, I really think blog posting is very helpful activity to me. At the beginning, I thought I was doing this just for my grades. However, now I think this activity has helped me in  writing and sharing my ideas or thoughts to others. Before this, I felt a little afraid of writing my thoughts in my online community because I thought what if others, who read this, think of me as a fool of posting these writing here. But now, I don’t feel like that and I got more courage of blog posting. Maybe I should really start a Blog of my own to share my ideas and give information to others (for example, about the life of Netherlands to people who is interested in Netherlands!). Of course, I had difficulty in understanding the topic and wrote stuff that is non-sense, which made you think what is she talking about, but I think by those mistakes, I am learning more and can improve myself.

It was a great experience and thank you all for giving me this nice chance!
And thank you for reading my post!

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During Module One, I learned about different kind of things that…

During Module One, I learned about different kind of things that helps me learn about myself and about the NGOs (project). The most interested but hard ones was Personal Branding itself, the 4 Hats, which is Crowdsourcing, Teamwork, Crowdfunding, and Marketing, that we learned in the Project Communities, and the way of working in groups.

Out of these, I think the most important and brings everything together is TEAMWORK and INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPATION. I think like this because it depends on the teamwork and individuals when doing a group work. No matter how good the project theme is, if the individuals doesn’t work in there best, it is no use. If individuals play around and not working, the team itself gets ruined and the project itself will turn into a bubbles. However, in contrast, if each works there hard and be active, the teamwork will automatically go well and the results of their project will be the best in best. So, to be clear, INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPATION is the most important word that I learn in this Module and then connected to that, TEAMWORK will be the one. These two can also be perfectly connected to the Solidaridad, of course.

From this learning, I want to be a more active person and be able to be outstanding in front of others. Eventhough I think and others say that I am sociable and bright person, I still have a little fear on standing front of lot of people. I don’t want to get feared but it just turns like that automatically. My body doesn’t work out the way my head wants to work out. By trying my best, I will be an person who can first volunteer to do a speech or presentation ini front of people without fear.

By this chance, I hope I became more a big person compared to my past. I can’t wait to see what I will do in Module Two!

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Comment for this week!!

Laura, I could not understand what you meant about the comment posting….Sorry!

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As being a representative of Crowdsourcing for the group, I will talk about and organize the thing that I found about the Crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing is the way of getting needed services, ideas, or content from a large group of people, especially from an online community. The principle of crowdsourcing is that more heads are better than one.

Going deeper to what Crowdsourcing is, let’s talk about the PROS of Crowdsourcing. It has a pride on the efficiency, large pool and diversity of talented professionals. Also, it brings large and high quantity of ideas for the project, allows to select the best result from various good entries, results can be delivered much quicker than traditional ways since Crowdsourcing is a form of freelancing, and the fact that it’s cost is low since it is done online, so no travel cost and travel time needed.

This time, about the CONs of Crowdsourcing. Firstly, searching through thousands of possible ideas can make headacheand if the content is not clear, it will be complicated. Also, quality can be difficult to judge if proper explanation are not clearly stated and risks can happen, like impossible to control them, since the crowd is not the employees of the business.

Looking at these facts, I think Crowdsourcing may be very good way for the business to improve their selves, but looking at it in other way, it may seem to be a little complicated thing to deal with. Of course in all things in life, there are bright and dark side. We always have to take both into consideration so that we can face with new challenges.

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The Blog Comments that I Did for this Week!

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Group 9 and the Importance of Individual Participation

After working for 3 weeks in a group with new people in a new environment, I felt that (as we did in the spidergram) meeting, teamwork, and individual participation is VERY important. If one person doesn’t show up in the meeting, there is at least a little bit of bothering when doing meetings. For example, we have to tell that person what we discussed about afterwards so that he/she can follow up with us. Also, when somebody is not doing there best in the meetings, that would be annoying too. The others will think, why should I do this work if all gets the same grade, but he/she doesn’t do it well and I do my best? If these things happen, the peace in the group breaks and there will be fights. So, I think when doing a group work, individual participation is really important. Of course, our Group 9 is very doing their works good and be with the others always.

In the upcoming week, I would like to more help the team by being a good Secretary. As a role of taking notes of the group meeting and making it to a minutes, so that everyone can see what we discussed in the meeting, I will need to do my best and concentrate on the content of the meetings.


These are the comment I did for last weeks!

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Positive Network User

Before starting my life in Korea (I lived in Japan and America), I didn’t know anything about Internet or Network. I wasn’t that interest in Computers since I was busy playing with my friends and also the computer nor internet was not widely used. However, when I was in Middle School, the use if computer and moble phones have incresed. At the same time, the use of network increased too. In Korea, a online network named “Cyworld” was very popular among young people. All the kids in school had it and communicated with others with that. People started posting pictures of there life style on there, made mini sized room that they decorated by themselve called “Mini-Room”, and made mini size of themselves called “Mini-Me”. It was a boom in Korea! Since then I opened my eye on using network.

When I was in High School, the use of “Facebook” has become a boom around the world (though, I started using it a little late then others). Until now, people around the world are using “Facebook”. No wonder “Facebook” ranked the world 2nd network that people uses. Until now, “Facebook” is still popular and it is used greatly even in project works. When I was is Law program last year, we made a page of our own group and give each other information for our group project. Even now in our IDE group, we use our own group’s Facebook page to give each other reminders and information.

When using these online networks, it is very useful and easy way to contact with people. I am positive witv using online networks. Eventhough there is sometimes inconvience when someone I do not know sees my posting, just because they are friends with my friend, it is okay using networks. I can meet with new people and find out what my friends are doing even when I am in long distance with them. Also, in the other way, I can show how I live by that.

So, I think using social networking is very usful in life and think positive about it. Especially networks like “Facebook”!!

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Tumblr Blog Question Week 3

Q: What kind of activities do you need to support doing this? (Most important leg of the branches of th spidergram)
A: As I have been mentioning before in group meeting, the most good activities that I can give a support is to research things that is need, providing others with a helpful document, and organizing the things that we did. These are the things that I can do and that will help the team. As and like a Secretary for this team, I will take notes of things that we learn and hear and write minutes on what we discussed and did in the meetings.

Q: What do you already know how to do with online tools?
A: For Tumblr and Facebook, I now know how to post things, of course. For our Project Community Blog, I know how to write comment on other’s post and find all the information (like Grading List). To go more broad, I know how to work with Microsoft programs (like Words, Powerpoint, and Excel). If the online tools means like making my Internet Website or PhotoShop, I am not that good at it. Actually, I never tried it.

Q: What can you teach or share?
A: Well, teaching is not yet available because I am not that specially good at doing something. However, I can share my skill of organizing things (like documents, things that we reasearched about, etc.) and making it to a good looking paper.

Q: What special tools have you mastered?
A: Not exactly mastered, but I am good at surfing internet and (like i said above) organizing and making document into a complete piece of work. Also, providing others a useful information. I think these are special tools that I have and I can do for the group.

Q: What can you do or what do you know about the other groups “unmet needs” they have defined for their NGOs?
A: To tell the truth, I do not know that much about what the other groups have defined for their NGOs. For this I would have to examine myself and keep more eye on other groups. However, I know that Group 8 does the same theme as us. Solidaridad.

Q: Can your expertise be of use to them?
A: Well if they need someone to make their papers clean and organized, they can ask me for a help. I would be glad to help them, AFTER I do all my and my group’s work that is.

Q: Do some skills/needs “match making” and tap the power of the group?
A: I think when doing this group work with our group, we firstly need the skill of working WITH the group. That is individual participation. That is the most important thing. (Like we mentioned in the Spidergram!) Next to that, the each members’ work/skill will be important.How each person does his or her work good and how they get together with the group and make out an outcome. So, eventually, TEAMWORK/BEING TOGETHER is the most skill that can make our g roup powerful.

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IDE Project Communication Tumblr Blog Question

Q: How do you understand our class goals?
A: To tell the truth, I am not certainly sure what the goal is… But to say what I think… I think the class’s goal is not just to be able to make the video good but to understand the other’s creative ideas, which is different then me and what I learn from that. Also, to understand how to be in a group with people that I met for the first time and improve my self on being in front of others.

Q: What do you need and want to learn as you / we explore the different themes from application of online communities and networks to open innovation design?
A: I think I need to learn the more IT or technological way of open innovation designing by the application of online communities and network ( I thought I was food at those things, but I was wrong). Also I want to learn more other ways we can design and want to share or know what others think about open innovation design.

Q: What would you like the outcome of your team’s project to look like?
A: For now, I do not expect to be 100% perfect, since it is our first time doing the project but when others looks at our project, I want them to say, “WOW! You guys did real ly awsome! It’s the BEST!” If i would hear that, I will be very proud and feel satisfied.

Q: What “specialty quality” will you bring and contribute?
A: Since I have confidence on organizing documents (in order, with the contents that we need) on ppt or words, I will do my best on that if the members would let and trust me. Also, I will give all my effort on searching for infomation. I am good at internet surfing^^

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Hello I am Jennifer from Group 9!!

Hello I am Jennifer from Group 9!!

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