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Spidergram with explanations


Explanation of Spidergram

Group 9: Improved knowledge transfer through Personal Branding

Grading criteria:

1; Highly irrelevant

2; Relevant, however not a main topic

3; Important to consider, but should not be the focus

4; Important to our project, and the Personal brand

5; Key points, should be focus of project

Through a Discussion with our team, and Tutor, we came decided which of these 9 factors most influence our project. We also discussed with Group 8 (similar project) about what they chose. The main difference was instead of Meetings as highly ranked, they chose relationships

Meetings (5)

For our project this turns out to be one of the most important factors. The arguments for this were that throughout such a large organization, with different fields of expertise, around the world, the impact of personal branding among individuals can only be effective, if they are synchronized to each other. During meetings, individuals can align, their personal branding efforts, with that of others working in the same field, in an attempt to improve their efforts impacts.

Individual Participation (5)

- Even though Meetings are important for the company Personal branding requires Individuals to put in effort, and make sure they are adding value. In order to improve Personal branding within the company, first it is up to Individuals to create their brand, then with collaboration & good team work Personal branding can be promoted company wide. This means that Solidaridad need’s to identify groups of individuals who need to promote their value adding activities within and outside the company. Once this is done, a template/structure on how Personal Branding within the company works can be created.

Access to Expertise (4)

- For individuals as well as during Meetings, the access to people with more experience, be it technology stewardship, personal branding, or efficient teamwork, helps the final quality of the product/service. This could be Solidaridad’s efforts in supply chains, or simply the internal management of the company.

Projects (3)

- Although there are numerous projects going on in this NGO, which help direct the company from their visions, to mission, to application, the influence of personal branding in this is low. The branding of a project could be related to our challenge, however would come from the constituent parts of the project (team members), rather than be outlined at the beginning of the project by management. This helps the company, since the personal brand is tailored for each and every project, through meetings, individual participation & expertise.

Open-Ended Conversation (3)

- It is important within such a company to bounce ideas back and forth, even about Personal branding, however the decision making must happen during meetings, or from individuals. Discussions are good to get new perspectives & ideas rolling, but are still a far away from impacting anything.

Content (3)

- Since this company is so big, focusing on the content of one area, in an attempt to design a Personal Brand for the rest of the company would come out short. Although content is highly important, it has such a great impact on what the personal brand would be, that focusing on it, throughout the company will not bring many solutions.

Cultivation (3)

- Within networks as large as Solidaridad the right form of communities have to be created, to help bring in new people, or explain new ideas. Personal branding would be part of a new experience for current & future workers in Solidaridad, and how this is introduced/marketed (the purpose & benefit) will have an impact on how it is applied in the company.

Context (2)

- Much like the content, the context is a detail within a personal brand, and does not play a large role in deciding how to improve the communication through personal branding.

Relationship (2)

- The relationships within such a large organization come close to becoming a community or even network. What is important to remember is that Personal branding is all about you & how you communicate your image across to others. Relationships that people hold for longer periods of time already has this occur naturally. Over the internet is it important to state things clearly, in order to portray a specific idea, or thought, however people often haven’t met in person, and therefore require additional information to place these ideas into context. Within this company personal branding affects the relationships people will have, however relationships will not impact how personal branding will work. 

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I use facebook to contact with friends and family on many other countries. Facebook is very broad and opened online space. All posts, including texts, videos, or photos, are written by people. There are a lot of (maybe too much) information, but since everyone on the website can publish and share the information, the information on facebook can be inaccurate. (pretty much of them are inaccurate)

When I need to find some information, I use google. As you know, google is a worldwide searching tool. Almost everything is found on the google. However, it is NOT always trustable. The information comes out from many countries around the world, so it’s hard to know where the source came from.

I use ‘NAVER’ when I look for the accurate information. It’s one of the biggest and well-known website in Korea. I can find the most useful and accurate information by looking on the news tab. Then it shows only the fact on the news. If want to know how people do something, I can look at the blog tab or cafe tab. then it shows the blogs or cafes related to my search word. It also shows the most frequently searched words on the website in real time, so that I can see what’s the new. But since it’s a Korean website, there are not much information about other countries.

I’m a member of ……

                                                    these groups :) 

These are groups from the high school (most of them), church, friends, and the Hague University. Most of them are secret groups so that only members can find and look for the posts. And few of them are opened groups which everyone on the website can read the posts and join the groups. Depend on the purpose of the group, people can control the accessibility of the group. It is easy to make and use the group page. I prefer secret groups because I feel less stressed when I post something if I know who will going to read my posts. If I know all of the members in the group, I can decide whether to share my opinion or not. Also, it feels awesome to be a member of a SECRET groups!

I’m also a member of some naver cafes.

Unlike the facebook groups, naver cafes have ranks of the cafes. Based on the number of members, posts, visits, and followers, the rank of each cafe is decided. Also, each members of the cafe has their own ranks too. The more you participate in the cafe, the higher rank you get. In some cafes I am on the highest rank! :)

Although naver cafes have more functions than facebook groups, I prefer facebook groups. The biggest reason is that there are not many people using naver cafes around me. All my family and friends use facebook but not naver. So when we make a group, everyone prefers facebook because they don’t have to make a new account at naver. Also, they are already used to the facebook systems. And the reason why people prefer facebook is simplicity. To make a naver account, we need to put in our names, phone numbers, and social security numbers to certify ourselves. And it’s kind of annoying. But in facebook, we can make an account really easily, without typing in any of our private information. It makes people to feel more comfortable and relaxed. That’s why facebook has tons of users! 

This is BAND, the online website. It is similar to blog, but every member can post and edit things. It’s easy to understand as a blog with multi-owners. My family uses this app to contact each other. Since I don’t live with my family, this is really useful and valuable to me. Through the BAND, I can see my family and know what they are doing. Also, I can post my photos to show my family that I’m in great condition. :) 

Last week was Korean holiday called Chuseok. It’s similar to Thanksgiving day in America. All family members gather together at grandparent’s house, sharing foods and play games together. It was the first Chuseok without me but we skyped and posted photos of our Chuseok on the BAND so I don’t feel separated or lonely. I posted “Way to have a great Chuseok in Holland” with photos of delicious foods and nice people. It was great! 

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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Keisha :)

I’ve commented on….

Group 1. Jianyi Wang

Group 8. IshanRadOne

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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Keisha :)


what you already know how to do with online tools?

To be honest, I’ve never used any online communication tools besides facebook. So the way we communicate was a bit awkward for me. But as I started talking and sharing ideas with other students by online, I found out how convenient it is, especially google hangout. It is such a great tool to communicate within about 70 students and teachers. At first, it was surprising for me to take notes together online  too. Watching everybody using online communication tools without any difficulties, I felt like I came from few centuries ago :p But now, I can use google hangout or tumblr quite well :)

what you can teach or share?

Well… I learn quite fast, so I’m pretty sure that I can teach how to use some tools such as google hangout to someone who does not know how it works yet :) I can post some documents or ‘things to do list’ for our group, checking the due dates or so. Maybe if I find something interesting, I’ll post it so that all we can share it and talk about it. Also, we can share our ideas on each week’s concept and goals as a group too!

What special tools have you mastered?

Mastered…that’s bit hard. I’m… master of… well…maybe facebook? It is the most easiest way to contact with people. I know a bit about movie-making. I can search things, post things, or make things about NGOs. But for me, hand-making things are more fascinating to me. Cutting, drawing, or painting things makes me happy :)

What can you do or what do you know about the other groups “unmet needs” they have defined for their NGO?

Since I have to read all other groups’ blogs, I think I know the most about other groups. As I read the other blogs, I found out that some groups still didn’t get the main point of our project while some others already have started working on their projects. I’m still reading, finding out what can we learn from other groups or how can we help other groups. Fortunately, every group has at least one person who understands our goal. 

Can your expertise be of use to them?

I hope so. I’m ready to do my best on helping them if I could. I can organize things or search things. And hopefully, I can make something for them :)

Do some skills/needs “matchmaking” and tap the power of the group.

I think good relationships come out as good results because all about group works, such as communication, meeting, or individual participation, are related to relationships. Since it is a GROUP work, and relationships are the biggest difference in group works compare to individual works, people need to focus on building good relationships within or between groups. All things are important but GOOD RELATIONSHIP is the key to the great outcome. 

What kind of activities do you need to support doing this(spidergram)? 

First of all, we need to find out the points where all of our group members can agree with. At first, there was hardships in finding the exact points, but we solved the problem by surveying. We passed around the list of 9 branches with a description of each branch. Then we marked points on each of them, and average the points out. After that, we discussed and shared our opinions of the reason why we gave that points, and regulate it based on the discussion we had. I suggested to make a survey, and averaged them. We all did really great and…I loved drawing this all together!

little comments/review - I’m not sure whether I understood the questions well :p 

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Group 9 Spidergram: the result of our hardworking today ^o^ We…

Group 9 Spidergram: the result of our hardworking today ^o^ We all did a great job! So artistic!

we first discussed about the 9 branches. Then, every each one of us give points on each branch. After that, we found out the average value for each branch and by dicussion, we made some changes based on the points we gave at first.

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How do you understand our class goals?

I think our class goal is to develop creative thinks into realizable ideas because successful design must be both realizable and creative, since it has to be applied to the real world, attracting people’s attention and appealing to their minds. On the basis of creativity, which hopefully everyone has already, we need to first broaden our thoughts, views, and aspects by sharing ideas within classmates.  To compare and contrast each ideas is a practical way to see them objectively. By listening to many different opinions, one can know how others think about an idea and get some hints  about how to improve it.  And….I think we are doing great team-works until now :)


What do you need and want to learn as you/we explore the different themes from application of online communities and networks to open innovation design? 

For me, using Facebook groups and video calls as communication tools are very fresh! Even though I am still confusing a little bit about how to use online communities and networks, I agree that it is very efficient way to communicate IF you have a WI-FI. ( I still don’t have one at home….) I need to figure out how to get used to the online communication tools such as blogs since this is my first time to have my own blog. I want to be a power blogger someday:p And I’m looking forward to learn many other ways to express myself as much as I can. 


What would you like the outcome of your team’s project to look like? 

I want the long-lasting project, something really innovative, either attracting people’s attention or appealing to their minds. I don’t want our project to pop-up for a second and be forgotten. I still remember things which are really fresh or shocking. I hope our project could be impressive enough to be remembered in any ways. 


What “specialty quality” will you bring and contribute? 

Maybe in making things, organizing, or bringing up ideas. I’m not good at drawing, but quite dexterous in cutting, making, or building things. Actually, I enjoy those things. So if I can be helpful for doing that, I will be more than happy to do that. I’m not the best organizer nor the most creative person, but I will try to do my best in organizing or bringing up ideas too :)  

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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Keisha :)