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Final week

This is the last week blog for project community,  I’d like to make a short conclusion.

What is the one most important thing have you learned about using online communities and networks in innovative design? 

Well, choosing one important thing is a little bit difficult. The whole process is helpful to me. However, the crowd things really impressed me.

  • Although I used to believe that getting involved in a community is a big challenge of independence of thinking, and I’m afraid of that too much relying on the others inspirations would lead a way of kind of copy thing. Gradually, I found I was a little bit over worry about it.  No matter how brilliant you are, you cannot be good at each field, so, why not leave them to someone more familiar with? Sharing and learning is so important to young designers, I guess the experiences sometimes restrict me. Seems I should be more open-minded.
  • Internet is infinite, and nothing can stop its developing. No matter what you have, the problems, the precious ideas, etc. once you put them on the internet, you’ve been connected with tens of thousands of the users. The problems could be divided into small pieces, and easy to solve. The ideas might be enhanced to be an awesome one, and you even can get the investment to actualize it, etc. At end of the project, I found I’m abandoning the bias of network and I’m a kind of love crowds, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. Standing on crowds’ shoulder, we see more. And also, hold it as a tool, we can do much more than before. Seems no one (people or community) can escape from being a digital native, so why not try to be a senior digital native. More and more communities would bring their business to internet and leave lots of opportunities and challenges to designers.

what are your design principles for designing and fostering online communities or networks?

  • Customer demand reflecting,
  • flexible, expandable,
  • simple and easy to use
  1. I used to obscure art and design, I chased aesthetics more than other aspect. Once we think about design a online community or network, my first reaction is visualizing style, colorful module combination, logo, icon, button such kind of detail things. However, design is a way to solve problem, make things easier, faster, better. So users’ requirements should be considered as the most important thing.
  2. Flexible and expandable is the principle to insure that the structure of design is sustainable. When they need new developing, new functions, or need to abandon something old, we leave the space to fix or improve in advance.
  3. Simple and easy use. We can’t stand on our shoes to see the design, because the users (like our NGO staff members) are not designers or developers. When we introduce our product or service, the users should easily to understand how to use. Especially for a big community like Solidaridad, they have so many members in different areas speaking different languages, our design should make them understand by the first sight.

All in all, for me, there’s no need to afraid of  being a dot of network, and as a designer, be aware and be sharp. 

Thanks for this course showing me the whole design process, a little bit different with the way I used to do. Thanks for my group members,it’s a long time I haven’t been working in a big group, How intelligent you all are:)  Let’s finish the final project.

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PRE- Review

Our project is drawing to an end, and look back upon the themes we learned

  • Me, we, network
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Crowd Funding
  • Marketing


and our NGO Solidaridad’s need,I think Crowd Funding might be the most important part. Actually I used to think about crowdsourcing, and obviously, them two have much in common, however, consider about the following reasons, I still picked crowd funding.

  • Capital is a necessary condition of enterprises manufacturing and management activities.


I heard about some persons in China worked for a NGO in Singapore helping cancer patients. Their main job is to raising fund by collecting data and seeking financial backing from big companies and organizations. They said it’s a little bit boring but they had no choice, because fund is so important. And a person worked in Bank come to visit (or examine?) the NGO, the question always is where your capital coming from?


We asked Maarten, and we knew Solidaridad do not has much capital for investing. So I think crowd funding might solve the problem, or at least reduce the difficulty of raising fund.

  • Solidaridad has lots of project all around the world. They train the producers and try to find a sustainable way to produce. However to be honest, in developing countries, find a sustainable way and assure to able to the benefits is harder than that in developed countries. Solidaridad might need more money to achieve the transformation. Crowd Funding are more suitable in these areas.


Why not others? Like crowdsourcing?

I do thought about crowdsourcing as the most important part in the process. Yes, it brings more ideas but less cost. However, consider about that Solidaridad already has their expertise groups, and durpal comments would offer an intranet platform to help them work closer and easier, I think they need more capital than human resource. Of course, crowdsourcing also could be an important part.

Before the end of the project, I do happy to participate in and I hope our video can bring more ideas to members of Solidaridad, and draw more attention from publics on Solidaridad.


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Crowd or Alone

Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding have an obvious common word: crowd. One gets ideas or services from publics, the other one collect money from the whole society. Both of them are aimed to maximize the use of crowds and gain the benefits for organizers efficiently.

I explored some famous crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Gambicious etc. These crowdfunding platforms got a great success in business investments, especially in creative and games sectors. The flexible conditions offer comfortable basement for the entrepreneurs to achieve their goal. For our NGO with relatively small budget, it is a good choice to do investments. The whole system is flexible and clear, and it’s not that hard to get bonus.

And I also explored a Chinese platform named AngelCrunch which is aimed to seek the angel investors (an affluent individual who provides capital for a business start-up) for the entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, in China, crowdfunding is not as popular as it in America and Europe, and sometimes it even could be seen as illegal fund-raising. However the advantage is so appealing to both entrepreneurs and business angels that the related departments are setting strict censorship to make sure everything goes along the right side.  

It is really hard to say NO to Crowdfunding. No matter individual people or firms would be very welcome to this new way of fund-raising. And also crowdsourcing provide unlimited ideas or services to support people or organizations solving their problems. As our NGO having a large group of members all around the world, crowdsourcing might help them to fix up problems much more efficiently. However, as a designer, “going it alone” and not seeking for help is popular. Actually I can understand, I even agree with this behavior although crowdsourcing has so much appealing advantages. My favorite character in Jin Yong’s (Famous writer in Asia) Kongfu novel is a smart girl. She created the swordsmanship compromising merits of various masters. By using this mixed fencing, she defeated lots of enemies, and got awesome title from her enemies. Seems she could be the greatest one in the novel, unfortunately, she even couldn’t be regarded as the top-ranking heroine. Because the spirit of the fencing is non- unity- based and that leaves cracks to enemies. Therefore, the first place always belongs to the person with trump card, or, rather I might say, people with their own apperceptions on fencing. Likewise, designers are kind of swordsmen, and design is our fencing. Collecting, gathering is not enough, cause creating needs more apperception, observation ability, etc. which should be improved by ourselves. Crowdsourcing might help us to work maturely, to achieve our projects’ goal sooner, but we couldn’t rely on this way to design. 

Design is not pure technology or art, it has them both, kind of half science half art. Crowdsourcing may keep our mind be opened, and offer as much information as we want. Also undeniable, crowdsourcing is a very good way to collect materials. These materials might help us to analyze, to get inspiration, but sometimes, these also could confuse designers.  We do need the ability of independent thinking and the personal apperception. Unique is designer’s life. That’s why I think crowdsourcing is so wonderful but couldn’t lead us to the top. It makes you good, but not great. Learning from others is important, however, finally you have to create by your own, but not scrap something together.

About Crowdsourcing, designers who participate in as a member of provider might have different opinions. Actually myself used to be the member for couple of times.  For the bid itself, it’s equal and high effective. For party B, the designers, the payment could be a problem. On one hand, you can fine more opportunities to get payment., on the other, the payment is always lower than that you should get. For party A, they might be beset by the work quality.

Generally, crowdsourcing is really good for projects. Groups and organizations might get their goals with less time and less money. But for the individual designers, this might be an auxiliary tool, not the final way to use. It’s not about arrogance, but the belief.  Stay hungry, stay foolish, and always be unique. How to bring your unique characters to commercial side? Or how to keep your personality stay unique while the commercial issue come into your side? It’s a problem. We all love benefits, we also love our precious ideas. Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding brings a new combination of party A and Party B. It made sense, but still not good enough. However, sharing is irresistible stream, how to find a balance between sharing with crowds and keeping personal apperception is still a challenge to me.


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group working feedback

There is a story about three monks drinking water in ancient China,one monk should carry it by himself, two should carry it together, unfortunately, there would be no water for drink when there were three monks in the temple. Kind of one boy is a boy, two boys half a boy, three boys no boy. Because nobody want take my job on their shoulder, when group getting bigger, their attitude had undergone a subtle change.

Luckily, in our team, there never happened this kind of things. I do enjoy working with my team members. Anne has good leadership, when I screwed up our spidergram, she was clam and remade it efficiently.  Miriam knows lots about design and experienced, Dilay and Marcelo are active and have mints of ideas. Jianyi and Antonina are attentive and careful, each time Jianyi marked the details we need and list them clearly, etc.  Everyone is easygoing and responsible. All of us attend the meeting every week and willing to contribute our ideas. For me, at first, I’m a little bit worried about cooperating with such a national team, but atmosphere here in equal and relaxed. But when we start to discuss, we are all intent. I had some experience, I can give us some useful suggestion, especially in aesthetics or design part, but sometimes it stuck me on one point and let me feel hard to develop. At that moment, others always help me to jump out of the certain circle. Like Anne, she is our team leader, the best of her is that she always point out my blind point directly. At first I haven’t get used to such a frank way, but soon I found it’s really good for communicating. Because in China, people believe the implied way, it’s a kind of traditional oriental culture. I have to say, for cooperation, for teamwork, open minded, being honest is very important.

Back to I mentioned at the beginning, seems three people is very hard to build a golden team, even hardly to work together. Actually, it’s not true. From our discussion result, most of us agree that, three to five persons are the best size of a team. Besides that, the odd number of members’ team is better than dual’s.  They’re much easier to vote when they have divergence. Small size group are more flexible, bigger group could take more jobs. There is an organization called FrogMob we checked yesterday, it’s a NGO about mobile health. They have the members all around the world, and almost no limit to be their members, just a camera and zeal for sharing and helping people. These members collect the global health information to the organization and get more information from other members through FrogMob platform. Therefore, the organization got a huge group work for them. That’s the value of cooperating and sharing. So just be responsible, any group size could be a nice combination.

Our team works well now, we have an online group for sharing our resources and immediate ideas. Everyone could get hints from there. However we still have some problem. The published information sometime too various to combine, or they didn’t go straight to our aim. In addition, before last week, we just had a team leader and other roles were unclear, so the work going well but slowly. Till last Wednesday we just get the job belongs to everyone, actually we can achieve earlier. That’s why last meeting is my favorite one :)

Anyway, the job for coming weeks is clear, our team was divided into a couple of small groups with 1or 2 persons. One takes charge of the area he or she good at, other one supports to achieve. I think it’s a good combination, and looking forward to our express in the rest of weeks. 

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Bigger Circle of Online Structure_ week 4

I used to use Microsoft MSN Space (later they changed their name into Windows Live Space) 8 years ago, which has been closed in March 2011, and users had to backup all the data then transfer them to WordPress before deadline. However, it is undeniable that MSN space used to be the most successful BSP in the world. It based on our Hotmail contacts. Thus, once you open a new account, you would have amount of followers automatically. Unfortunately, most of time, I just marked my favorites there, several of my friends would read, and the blog seldom been seen by other strangers.  The information I get from others or others gain from my blog are limited. The circle is small and hard to enlarge, it’s so difficult to go from ME to WE. In this aspect, I’m totally the same with Anne, I don’t post much, don’t read much,don’t respond to much. These personal habits also stuck the circle’s work.  In comparison, most SNS also use this way to build the basic circle of each user. They based on the “six degrees of separation” principle to make sure each user could have their initial contacts by the very moment they just established the account and developed further to connect with more strangers. Besides that, the Social network sites combined much more modules than before, in resent years. For different habits of different users, network offers verity kinds of sites for them. By contrast, because of Microsoft’s arrogant or lazy or maybe other reason, Windows Live and Messenger was walking on the way to die gradually (Good excuse for me to quit job, till now one has dead, the other one is dying).



After dropped MSN Space (I even didn’t transfer my articles to other BSP), I still kept Q-Zone and tried some other online communities. Some of them developed interactive games, zone decoration etc. which got benefits also improved users’ friendliness. Thus, the company gain a both win. In 2008, each Chinese person is playing a stupid game stealing friends’ vegetables in their virtual farm in social network site. Everyday, every moment, even at middle night, the enthusiasts would set an alarm clock to get up collect their vegetables and to steal others.   This crazy behavior swept the whole country including each age group. This kind of game’s success seems meaningless and groundless, but actually it reflected the users strong ask about looking for a group to social.

Unfortunately, the communication about entertainment is much more popular than knowledge exchange, most of people just looking for a sense of belonging online. Anyway, there are still amount of us is developing their knowledge, experience etc. by network. Set Facebook as an example, it offers the biggest net to expend your network and circle of friends. Everyone has their own page, and they also can build groups.  Groups could be defined by size, large one for a organization, small one for a team, etc. or by types, entertainment, learning, working, social, etc.  People can find or exchange information in different modules. The provider —— Facebook is in charge of combining everything together.

Therefore, this kind of big site gained the most valuable source in their hands. Seems strong enough, but actually, they can’t focus on each detail. In this aspect, some smaller SNS offer more specific information or service to users.

My favorite three are douban, zhihu andweike, which do good job in crowdsourcing. 

Douban is a SNS start with book comments and movie comments, and rapidly caught a large group of loyal followers because of its professional and variety. Members can change their views and share the books movies freely. Zhihu is similar with douban, but focus more on problem solving. Each member could ask question showing on different modules (they have very clear groups by different types) and waiting for expertise to answer (every new user should add their major or specialty to make sure the advice resource is trustable). Weike is a agency website offering requires from different individual or organization.  This website looks like a bounty hunter, looking for the most suitable one for each client. So there are a lot of enthusiasts gather together applying service with lower payment even for free. This is good field for students to practice skills and gain experience, meanwhile, that mean, the clients might get some unqualified feedback coming from the rookies. In other side,some persons collected enough experience and clients, and established their own stdio or group to work as a stronger team.

Anyway, this kind of groups build bigger circles for everyone to participate, to play the very role of themselves and get the maximum value for both sides. They bring us from a individual point to a group, to a large field, and create more chances for individuals and organizations to get the information or service they want by a easier way. Although there are many weakness existing but these couldn’t stop the steps of sharing in the network and I believe these problem will be fixed up gradually by regular.

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Circles to Chains

Since people wrote the first letter, it started the process of long distance communication. One group is one circle, connecting to others makes it become chains. Till now, new technology brings new ways to us with varieties renovating rapidly. 

See how strong the social networks are, and how tough the red, brown and green areas are…

Laptop and smart phone is the main facilities apply various apps for communication, education, business etc. And also we browse websites to gain more imfomations.

Based on this, list some of my favorites

2 apps


A Japanese software, quite like Chinese WeChat, but stronger and more powerful. Especially the stickers captured lots girl groups.

-Wait, what’s WeChat?

-Chinese Whatsapp.  ( We have a set of things with our own vision… similar, but undeniable stronger, sigh…)

Don’t be decived by the cute design of Line, my advice: Line > WeChat > Whatsapp.  

Also available on PC.

From these apps, I’m thinking about our NGO. Meeting, negotiation, group learning, expertise support is important, so whether we need vision more or voice more? And how to switch smoothly? Can these softwares apply multi conversation running on different facilities that people can get less limits from environment?  Can we add more mediums to achieve communication?etc.

SketchBook pro :

By Autodesk, a long-established company which apply professional design software. Also SB for ipad is the best one for sketching on ipad.

These simplified design apps offer the opportunity to people showing their ideas immediately. Could it be used in long-distance meeting? 

Two sites


A design website which you may search different site by colors. Much easy for people to find the atmosphere they want.


A famous design studio in America. ( Naoto Fukasawa , Art director of Muji, used to work there.)

I’m familiar with Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator most, then Premiere, indesign, fireworks, 3D- max etc.  Some of  them I haven’t use for a long period. If you have any question about these softwares I mentioned above I’d like to answer, if I know:))  also look forward to learning from you all, let‘s make a virtuous circle.

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Hello, New Course and YOU

I’m so glad and honored to write this report as my first article on my blog with breaking my personal 3 blogging principles at once, NO more than 140 words, SLOW update and password FOREVER. Anyway, for my awesome new course, It worth to be changed ⊙▽⊙

We have very definite purpose here, sharing, inspiring and to refine our minds or ideas. We’d like to listen and to understand, to find and to achieve. We shall identify and develop our talents and catch every opportunity to excel. Working as a team makes every one smarter, stronger and more efficient. That’s why I do enjoy work with my group members.

On this Monday, I had been attracted by the 4 real hats (also the 4 concepts) at the first minute, and the amazing multi video conversation makes me believe that it would be a wonderful course. Everyone can see how important roles the technologies play in society. Modern communication technologies certainly offer the most versatile classroom imaginable. 

In addition, the thing I’m most curious about is the relationship between designers and clients. I hope I can get some new impressions through this project cooperating with NGO.

No matter how much I love my initial page, I prefer to see the page be fully filled with our fantastic thoughts and designs.

Nice meeting you all~

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