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Project Community – my personal intentions

Project Community - my personal intentions:

I’m at the start of a new run of Project Community. September 2013, a day after my parents both celebrated their 60th birthdays, which allows me to reflect a little more on my experiences in life and learnings along the way. 

I’m hoping to learn or stick to the following principles the next module: 

- Never too old to learn; reflect on (project community) experiences and extract learnings from it together, either with colleagues, students or on my own - but always willing to share.
- Fully present; dedicating my attention and focus towards that what is happening at that moment. 
- The overview effect: bear in mind the end/bigger goals and frame experiences or questions in a bigger picture. 

For the final principle I’ve added a video that I find very inspirational and soothes me when looking at it. Looking forward to sharing the next couple of intense first weeks with people who are eager to start and work hard!  

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