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last blog post of this module!!!

I have learnt sooo much this module, it started very confusing and now its much more clear but still a hard subject though.

The most important thing I have learnt about using online communities is that it is actually something we use all the time without actually noticing it. But because of this course we had to think about it very carefully and this is why we have found out a lot of new facilities and even facilities which we already used to work with but now we learned to use them even in a better way.

It was a whole new experience to learn about new ways of communications in such a way like the google hangouts (which I had never heard about) and writing blogs, which I found quite hard as I am not a good writer and I dont really enjoy it, but now I realised that blog writing is actually different as it’s about your experiences and usefull info which you can share with others.

The way how we got a client and have to work for him/her is really cool as it means that it’s real and not just an imaginary task. This makes you want to work harder and really want to come up with great ideas.

My design principals are:                                                                            Follow the NGO’s wishes to provide the right work.

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The theme I personally think helped us the most was the theme work teams. That was the week where I…

The theme I personally think helped us the most was the theme work teams.

That was the week where I felt that we where acctually starting to work together and that helped us to be able to work harder and focus on the project instead of focussing on who is on the meetings and when we should meet and what we actually should do.

We are working on one line now and I notice that when there is a good leader in the group, this will help the others to work hard. We had one person who became active at some point and that was the point where we all had the idea of we have to do something, well to be honest not all of us but most of us.

When every group member knows what he has to do and when the deadline for such a work is, it makes it easier by compleeting every piece of work at every time when we meet and when we all got the work we have to do, this makes the whole process goes gradually and more efficient.

Understanding the tasks is another very important thing, when we don’t really get what we have to do we spend hours only trying to figure this out, this cost us time and thats not really usefull.

the only problem we are facing now is that the group is still not complete and we need the full participation of every person, because it’s a fact that more brains bring more ideas, but untill now I am actually really happy with the progress we made in the last weeks, those next weeks are going to be really hard and we have to make sure we keep up the good work and keep the negative things away so we can provide the same work as we did the last couple of weeks.

proud of the group!! keep the good work up guys…

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usefull or not?

Crowdsourcing - Is crowdsourciing useful? well it can be useful is it is used the right way. To spread the word about a certain design is not always a good idea as it is very easy those days to take ideas over and to give the idea your own name. It gets really hard to ectually prove that the product or idea is yours.

Crowdfunding - Is crowdfunding useful? I personally think it is really useful, as you interact with people and make people aware of the idea. Then you can get their interrest and people can use if they want to contribute on this or not.

The input of other designers and other users can be very good, but we have to be very careful in every step we take offcourse. There are some designers who like to keep the product for themselfs and don’t like others to help them or to add ideas onto the persons idea.

cons: The product doesn’t stay an one person’s product, it becomes part of many people, and it gets really general and it isn’t known who the designer was in the first place. It has to be a product which is extreemly attractive to people because it has to make people enthausiastic about it to want to work on the product.

pros: How more people work on the idea/product how easier it gets to continue with the product/idea, without money it is bassically impossible to produce anything these days, so with the crowdfunding it is easier to promote the product and then see who wants to contribute on it and who wants to spread the word and help making this product become real.


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Team work, Yes we can :D

How is the team work in my group, well I can say it’s not perfect yet, but it’s getting there….

It’s working well for me when I exactly know what the steps are which we need to take, instead of just not knowing what to do all the time. To split the group into smaller groups worked well for us as a group, we could share more information as we don’t get lost in between the talkes of every person.

Those last weeks are really challenging for me as we have got so little time but so much to do, this time pressure works really well in our group, people feel the pressure at the moment and know that we all have to work harder and harder to get to our target.

The inpact of the size in the group is huge, we worked with the whole group in one go at the beginning, but after the lesson we started to split the group into smaller groups, this worked out perfectly, so from now on we will work in this way because this is the most effective way.

The impact of culture is sometimes noticeable, this is mostly noticeable with the time and arrangements. Tasks are not always as clear as eachother but that is because some tasks are just harder to compleet then others.

In the coming weeks we will have to make clear rules, make sure everyone knows what to do and we should do this by dividing the tasks. We should make clear appointments and make sure everyone attends them. Another usefull thing we found out is to send everything we written in the lessons on facebook so everyone can read them again.

So I know that we can do this as a group. team work, yes we can!!

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Personal Network…

tools/apps most used by me are:

Facebook & Whatsapp.

facebook: An amazing tool in my eyes, in brings people closer to eachother even when you are actually far away. A personal account is something what nearly every person owns these days to share pictures, statusses, comments and a lot more…

events can be promoted and spread around trough facebook, this makes it so much easier to invite people to an event and to know how many people are comming as you can reply to there invitation.

pages are another thing which is really cool to use and to share things where you good at or where you like to write about. Personally I got two pages on facebook, one is for a magazine I started a couple of months ago, and the other page is for the cultural fashion event Lucie Ilg and me want to organise for the end of this year… I would say go and see it on facebook and like it!!! hahaa a bit of promotion for our page is also needed.

I am part of different groups as well, we have got a group 8 page, so we can share the thing we talked about in the lessons and meetings.

Facebookchat is really usefull too, as I can contact anyone when I need a person and I can find people who I have not talked to for agesssss…

Whatsapp is the best app i have seen till now, I love the fact that I can talk to my friends and familiy where ever I am and where ever those people are the only thing you need is the internet, which is something nearly every person has got at this time. The thing I even like more is the fact that I can see when the person was online for the last time.

Twitter is not really my thing, I have got an account but thats just because I like to try out every new technology which comes on the market :P. I believe it is useless and it is only sharing statusses and pictures from instagram.

well that was a bit about how I use those tools and what I like about them :D….

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My tech-knowledge…

It’s allllll about technology those days and I even like it!!!

We all want to keep up to date, we want to learn everything and use as much programs as we can. Even with phones and apps, we keep changing our phones because we want to make sure we don’t miss out on anything. At least that’s how I think.

A couple of years ago I didn’t really care about the different programs or different tools, what i wanted is to have the newest things so I would be certain about the fact that I know where the people are talking about, It is a bit like fashion if you think about it…..

Facebook, twitter etc.. are all tools we use to keep in touch with eachother and to know about peoples live without asking them.. how easy can we make our lives for ourselfs. well, as easy as to use our phones and the apps we can get for our phones like Whatsapp, (blackberry)messenger etc..

After 2 years of study in England I have realised that technology is not just something you can use, it is aswell something you can create.

Par example by using photoshop you can create the most amazing pictures and you make a lot of designs which can be used for clothes and products. Or my personnaly favorite program, 3D design (rhinoceros) it is the best way to make an idea in the minds of people become a product printed by a machine.

basically what we as people do, making live easier by using machines and products to facilitate our way of living and to make our branes think less.

If anyone would like to learn how to use rhinoceros I will love to help you out, I am not great at it but I can help with the basics of the program, this can help you with visualise any project you are working on…

I would love to learn how to use a video editing tool, so if there is anyone who can help me with that, that will be great!!!!

One thing I really believe in and I am advising everyone with it is, if you want to learn any kind of program, tool or app and you don’t know how to use it just try and play with it and this will make the program, tool or app much easier to use.


work less, play more!!!


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Keep me enthusiastic!!!

The kick-off on the course was surprising for me, did not expect it to be like this, but to be really honest I didn’t had an expectation really.

The class goals are a kind of targets which we have to get to and even exceed.

Working hard!! Is something which is really needed!!

As we are in groups, it’s not just that we work for ourselves we have to work together and help each other through this.

What I need to learn is basically everything!!!

It’s so interesting to see how this lesson actually works.

We Skype with lovely people from America, who will guide us trough the course, and we work in groups with people we didn’t even know 2 weeks ago.

In one word I think this is amazing, so at the moment I see myself as a sponge who wants to take everything in, I would say let it come and I am ready for it!!

It is obvious that every one of us will be more interested in some subjects then others, but still I think and believe that every subject is important and can be useful for the future.

I want the outcome of my team’s project to be unique and innovative, I don’t want it to be as people would expect, and people have to say wauw!!    When they hear about the solution.

The special quality that I can contribute in the group is my enthusiasm, but I can let you already know that if I see that others in my group don’t work as it should, this can affect my enthusiasm.

Good luck to everyone!!

#openinnovator #projectcomm

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First blog!!

Starting a life as a designer feels good!! #IDE

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