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Woohhoo finally!! :D

We have finally arrived at the end of the course which is very exciting especially for myself. WOOHOO !!!!


The most important thing about online communities and network in innovative design is COMMUNICATION. It is all about communication. You don’t know you ask. When you have an idea, speak up. When you feel something is wrong, speak up. When you think the answer is right, ask first because you don’t know how they perceive it as they live in different part of the world.

And, that is the tricky part because communicating via online is difficult. Sometimes the internet running slow, sometimes time differences is confusing. Sometimes I’ve researched for an idea for days and turns out what I do is wrong because the information was perceived differently. The only way it can be succeeded is by perfect communication between both parties. No other way.

My own design principles for designing and fostering online communities are :

Tolerance: Since our group and clients came from different part of the world we have to be tolerant to others. For instance, we all speak in Universal language, English, to everyone even though some of the members came from the same country. This design principle leads to a perfect communication but although, sometimes some people misinterpret the information and that is the challenge for each of us.

Decentralisation: Eventhough we have a leader in the group, doesn’t mean that he/she is the one who controls everything. Each of the member have a right to talk and speak up for an idea. And leader doesn’t necessarily means that he/she is always the one who decide what’s right and what’s wrong.

For those in the next year’s class, I hope you guys enjoy the program since it is very challenging (personally) and the key to success is communication. Don’t be shy to speak up to your group mates and always manage the time as time flies nowadays and it felt so fast that we’ve arrived at the end of the course. 8 weeks feels like a blink of an eye. Last but not least, you guys have to produce something better than what we did.


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Marketing Strategy for our Dearest NGO

For this week blogpost, We are going to explore about our marketing design and strategy. A little bit of business, but the whole thing is designed in our best way for our Dearest NGO.

I’m gonna go straight to the point.

The unmet need of our NGO (according to my point of view, do correct me if I’m mistaken), is their acknowledgement by the people around the world, and by that for instance, is a market and network problem. So, the most effective solution for this is CROWDFUNDING.

Crowdfunding is basically Fundraising by involving the crowds which what we called “the target group”.

This strategy is not only creating income for the NGO but also expand the network at the same time. Because expanding the network means expanding the market and that gives the NGO more opportunities to gain more income. Moreover, more people will start to acknowledge the NGO and the probability of investors who might be interested for putting their money could be increased. The target group and the marketing teams are those who play the important roles here. Any action of both sides will affect one another and could creat a big impact for the NGO.

Crowdfunding produces its best result if its done using internet. So the NGO and the marketing team are kind of forced to improved themselves to become a real good digital native. Unconsiously and gradually, the people involved will actually update themselves to know what happens around their world and also improve their skills of technology. Everyone behind the internet page (read: the internet creative team) plays their key role of the strategy and people who contribute in creating the website and giving their ideas are also important in this case.

In conclusion, more creative way of crowdfunding could be the solution for our NGO’s problems. Nowadays, the cliche way of crowdfunding wont attract big investors and only stand for small prices. We have to think like there’s no box in making this strategy come true.


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Design and Crowds.

Crowdsourcing, the first thing I would do if my company suddenly ran out of ideas, capitals, or employees. Most companies who pick crowdsourcing as it’s way to achieve success will end up doing crowdfunding but, if it fails the company is either “not smart enough” or “not doing much enough”. It is one of the easiest way to obtain capitals because its basically comes from people who wants to donate or maybe investors. However, if seen from designers perspective I don’t think it is a good call to make.

First of all, the main purpose of most designers is to become well-known to the world that their design is either really good or really useful and handy. When a designer “crowdsource” that means he/she lets people know what is the purpose of the design and also his/her own innovation. Someone who has better ideas might  steal his innovation and set the patent earlier than the designer. That could be one of the disadvantages of crowdsourcing in design. Designers who undergo this strategy is mainly targeting for quick and easy money and popularity. That’s why from my perspective, its not so beneficial for designers to see this as a good call. Because basically designers goals are acknowledgements, pride, and patent, not the money itself. However if done right, crowdsourcing would give the designers tons of ideas, tons of innovation to be consider and indirectly people let the designers know of what they really want in the real world and let them improvise it better, because thats what they’re good at.

Overall, if I was a designer and could go subjectively, I wouldn’t take and recommend crowdsourcing as a way to grow funds. Because what I’m looking for is the pride as the designer itself. The pride to create something people have never done before. When that moment comes, the money will  automatically follow.


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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Ibi Muljosantoso

Week 5 ( Teamwork)

This week reflective blogpost is basically referring to teamworks.

It’s been 5 weeks since the group 5 was declared and of course, our group’s gap seems to be fading and fading away. Each of the members have finally arrived in condition where no one hesitate to speak up anymore. The group work actually goes fine and gets better every time.

Our group’s structure is also designed as best as possible and our group leader Illiya, is successfully chosen and does his job best. I like the way the group works and how each member contribute in each task. Every work is done on time and well and we have no problem in picking who’s doing what. Basically, each of us have to understand the task first, then Illiya would explain it for us in simpler way, then we choose who wants to do what so we can work it out in the best way. Sometimes, one or two members do more works than he/she suppose to do and that what makes me in love with this group. Its not only about doing our main job, but also helping others in doing theirs and that’s how we improve really quickly.

The only challenge in our group is about communicating issue. Doesn’t necessarily mean that we don’t communicate, but we communicate a lot. Sometimes the conversation of 2 different topics suddenly crash somehow and the result is one or two members couldn’t really understand the task. That makes Illiya have to explain it over and over again and if we keep doing that the time for us to get the job done is decreased and decreased. But don’t worry because we’ve talked about that recently and we’re trying to figure out the best way to solve it.

Our group size is actually kind of big and that gives us positive impacts, but sometimes it also gives us the negative impact for some tasks either. For the positive, more members of course more input. More input leads to more ideas and if we work on the ideas effectively, we could get a task done in no time. Unfortunately sometimes, due to excessive of ideas we couldn’t decide on what we should put as a priority and that costs us some time to get the job done. More members also makes us hard to agree upon something since we have to consider a lot of aspects in the decision making.

About the culture, we never had a problem with that because we talk in the universal language which is english. For the members who have the same mother tongue, they also speak in english to each other in the group and for that, I wanna give you guys a lot of respect.

Although the overall of our group is totally fine, I still want us to improve and for that to happen, I would start by myself. By doing better work, get to the meeting on time, do more research than before, speak up more in the group and so on. Hopefully each of the members would do the same thing and get inspired by each other so we can get better and better until we become the best.


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The 4th Week

On this 4th week I’m gonna reflect on the online world of mine. I was introduced to the online world since I was in primary six. Since then, I started to interact to people in the real world and the virtual world as well. I found the online world really interesting and surprising. I meet new friends, knowledges, amazing stuff, and how people do amazing things around the global.

For the inventor of the internet, first of all, I wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

On the way the technology was rapidly developed, I already became an internet addict. I surf the internet everyday even though I don’t know what to look up. It became one of my primary needs since I also keep in touch with my friends in Indonesia when I study abroad, and the only way is through online network.

I used to be a member of a bounded group when I was still in Jakarta. It was a car community whom the members were highly active and it got me really involved to the internet community. I began to learn and dive deeper to the internet world since then. For example when I had a car problem, I would put my question in the internet and surprisingly, there were actually a lot of useful replies. I also introduced to new people through that community and we had an actual meeting in the real world afterwards.

The most valuable things for me is actually the fact that internet community keeps you active in interacting to people although you are in a impossible situation to meet one. For example like when I’m having a class, in the free time I could send the pictures of what I have learned to my mother, who is currently in jakarta, in a blink of an eye. For me, those kind of advantages are the ones I appreciate the most and the actual main use of the internet network.


Ibrahim Muljosantoso

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The rise of online technology

Hello readers,

On this week blogposts, its gonna be all about online technology and how people look at it from a totally different perspectives.

"Online" has become a really common term for the 21st century people. In fact, it is no longer considered as something luxury or special anymore but  something you have to look after everyday. For instance it is now one of the "first thing first" stuff you do every single morning right when you wake up. This technology has rapidly changed and developed. For some people, going online is their own addiction and they would crave for it if they don’t get some even for a day.

However, the term “online” is too broad to explain. So in today’s blogpost it is specified to one of it’s platforms which is SOCIAL MEDIA.

Social media is one of the biggest reason people surf the internet, pay the internet contract, or spend their time in the cafe every single day for 20 minutes just to update their profile or checking e-mails. Social media provides the people of the world a big bowl of communication channel. Social media let you talk to your very-very-long-distance girlfriend just with a simple click. Social media ease your relationship with your family even though your schedules are tight. In fact, social media has ridiculously became a fashion item that everyone should have in order to get popular. I know it sounds a bit crazy but let’s look at the bright side.

In our class, social medias’ “real function” has been used positively in order to advance our knowledge and skills. As we saw on monday, approximately 7 accounts are connected into one social media, and 2 of them are actually living out of the Netherlands. But as we were video-calling it felt like we weren’t so far from each other. It creates somehow a homey atmosphere and for me personally it is more than enough. Last week I was skyp-ing with my sister in Indonesia and I asked her to bring her laptop around the house, and I felt like I was there as well. Shortly, social medias could kill your homesick and feel of missing someone special.

Moreover, social media is commonly used as business purposes nowadays. People selling their brand or services in instagram. You can also sells things on the internet and if you were lucky you would get your first customer in less than 5 minutes, and the buyer could possibly not in your country. This kind of usage turned out to be one of the first line strategy the CEOs might consider. So lastly, this technology has became one of the primary needs in your life and can be successful, if used in positive ways.

Anyway, about the Gogorobi project i can see most of the students get confused along the way including myself. But the spidergram is a really useful thing to give the group a big jump towards solving the problem.


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Hey, how are you?

My name is Ibrahim Muljosantoso from group 5 IDE program. You can just call me Ibi.

Our course has already started since a week ago and honestly, the kick off was a bit shocking for me. As an Indonesian, I never experienced a kind of program like this back in my country. It was a hell of a fun. Everybody is friendly, the Tutors are kind and inspiring, the programs are unlike any other and the University is perfectly designed.

A week has passed and I gradually started to understand in which direction our class is trying to lead us to. The goal is simply to make us fully aware of the world that we are living in. To make us think globally and creatively or we can say “outside of the box” or “limitless”. Moreover, it is almost extremely easy to know what happens in the entire world in this era since we are living in the digital age. And what our class is trying to do is, I think, to teach us to make a 100% use of these devices to learn from the outside world, not just in the classroom. Because eventually these ideas will play an important role and give a great impact on the course that we have taken. However, we can only achieve that if we want to learn, or we are motivated enough to learn. That’s why our tutors keep giving us information and inspiration in every single class we have, and I believe that they will and they’ve succeeded in doing that.

As we explore the online communities I really hope that in the end of the semester we’re gonna be able to make use of our devices to communicate to the outside world. No matter how far it is no matter how small the community is, the ideas of great innovation will always exist. Who knows that someone in the corner of the earth has a great idea that could possibly change the course of the world? No one. But if we continue to expand our networks anywhere anytime, I believe at a point of time great people with great ideas will meet directly or even virtually to bring new innovation to the world.

About the project we’re working on right now, I’m expecting that we come up with a great strategy, a one of a kind idea that could probably be the best solution of the problem faced by the NGO. and if we can achieve that I hope that our team will always produce and create innovative ideas to tackle every problem that we’re gonna face. I also want it to look real, well-structured, and clear so everyone including myself knows that finally we have arrived at a point where we actually able to solve a world problem, and that’s amazing.

To achieve that, i will try to contribute my skills which is photography and design to beautify out project and make it look desirable and conclusive.

Have a great day,

Ibrahim Muljosantoso

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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Ibi Muljosantoso