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Finalizing the project

New technologies have changed society in such a way that we can’t do without them anymore and design that comes with it is more important then ever before. The success of a modern day product is decided by it’s functioning aswell as by it’s design. For me as a designer this brings a lot of opportunities and that is why I look forward to the future. I always loved technology and to be a part of the development of innovative products is my goal. Preferably with my own company on my own way.

Project Communities showed me how to make your ideas reality, to be a teamworker and to communicate with your client.

Make your ideas reality:

Learning about crowdsourcing and funding was very interesting. These inspiring concepts make it possible to get solutions and development costs from people all over the world. A quick look on Kickstarter shows us that if your idea appeals to the internet audience you will be able to get the money you need for development. Promotion and feedback included.


It is important to work with people. You can’t do everything by yourself. To do this properly you need to be open for the others in the team. Listen what ideas a person has. Mostly all the creativity and work of everybody combined makes the end product more of a success.

Communication with the client

Our client was Solidaridad. To have a client really makes you think you are doing an important job. Just like in a real company. I think this was a perfect way to learn us how to communicate with such parties. You need to know the wishes of the client and the client needs to know what you are capable of hence the end result will be satisfactory.

The project was confusing at first but it became clearer along the way. I enjoyed working as part of group 4. 

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Our NGO is Solidaridad. This NGO is spread all around the world and has offices on different locations. People who work at these offices work with locals to find out ways of producing products or natural resources in a sustainable way. A lot of expertise is needed in the process and a lot of expertise is gained at the same time. Expertise which can be used by all locations. To share knowledge Solidaridad is working on Drupal a program which enables members to communicate overseas. We as group 4 are looking for ways to introduce Drupal to the people who work at Solidaridad and to bring out the message why it is so important.

I think crowdsourcing is a good way to make Drupal a succes. Wikipedia is a perfect example of crowdsourcing. The reason why it is so big, is because of the community. This is what Drupal needs to. Their community being the members and professionals working with Solidaridad. People should understand that it is rewarding to post things they experienced on Drupal so every other member can learn from it and can give feedback. Then Drupal will turn into an information platform aswell as a communication platform just like Wikipedia. 


- The community will keep Drupal alive. New content will be added or changed constantly. 

- Free information. The knowledge people post can be viewed by any member and has no costs. No need to hire professionals.

- Drupal will become more interesting and maybe fun for members. It is rewarding to help other members by giving them the right information. 

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With many you can achieve ANYTHING!

The first time I came in contact with crowdsourcing happened when a friend showed me the video of the Pebble Smartwatch on Kickstarter. I found Pebble to be an amazing product. It is a pretty handy tool if you use a smartphone. But maybe what I liked more was the way it was being funded. Pebble did not belong to a big company or multinational but just to a group of young people who enthusiastically worked on a project that they want to make reality. But how does this group fund their work? That is when my friend told me all about Kickstarter. This briljant website gives people the chance to promote and fund their projects/ideas/products by using the crowd. These things make me think that we live in great periode of time. No longer do you need to borrow a lot of money or make a deal with a company to make ideas you believe in come to pass. You have to convince the crowd that your idea is worth the cash they would like to spend on it.

Together with crowdsourcing this is a very strong combination for creativity and innovation. People don’t have to depend on big companies or organizations they can do it themselves these days. Crowdsourcing and funding expand freedom for people with ideas. Overall I think this has a positive effect on society and this can change the old mantra of industry in total.

“Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black

Henry Ford

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Good Atmo

In my life I’ve been in some project groups and my experiences have always been good. You meet new people which is always interesting and you need to achieve something with different people. To do that it takes planning, deviding roles and the usual work.

But this group is more special then other groups I’ve been in because of the different cultures people have. This ads a nice dynamic to the project. You hear more diverse background stories than my previous working groups. I think everybody works together in a very friendly and productive way. Everybody does their work and we can all have some laughs. We have a very good atmosphere in our group or as we call it ‘Good Atmo’. Later in my life I would like to work together with international companies/people so this is an ideal way to learn to communicate with other cultures. 

I think we started well as Group 4. A bit confused but we did our work. Now we understand the link to the work we do in class and the work we have to do for the project. Last Monday we made a schedule and devided the roles for making the video. In my opinion this was a good move. Because we are no experts in movie editing. The schedule gives us better look on the tasks that need to be done. I will focus on visuals like images that need to be edited in and I will be doing that with Mayria. Others will be focussing on movie editing and the scenario (texts). 

Sometimes the assignment is not clear, this works demotivating. We discussed this and with the information we got on Monday about group size we are thinking of implementing this to our team. So we can work more efficient and be done earlier. Just devide the assignment in parts aswell as the group. Give every subgroup one of the parts and later come together as one group to combine all the solved parts.

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Getting information and the networks to gain that information have changed rapidly in the last decades. The latest technologies brought a lot of people very close together. Before the internet the search for information was more ‘Me’ related. You had to look up everything yourself in books and documents. If you had a problem you could only go to a small group of people to ask for an answer or discuss the problem and you had to go to them aswell. Thus the time it cost to get the information took a lot more time. 

In the digital age this can be done by a few clicks and with a few more clicks you can reach a very large audience. These days the search for information is definitively more ‘We’ and ‘Network’ related. Google is a formidable search tool. Together with Wikipedia almost everything you want to know can be showed on your screen in mere seconds. If you still have questions you can go to forums. Immense groups of people (with expertise or without) all around the world are willing to answer your questions. 

It is quite amazing what the new technologies brought us and still can bring us. I love the idea of crowdsourcing. There are a lot of smart people with good solutions for all kind of different problems but many of them can not be heard this has changed. 

Our knowledge is getting more collective every decade, maybe every year. That means more ‘Network’ and less ‘Me’. 

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Online Tools and the NGO

I have good experiences with online tools. I use Facebook, Dropbox, Hotmail, Gmail, Whatsapp, Skype and Hangouts. They make life so much easier. I love Facebook and Whatsapp for quick communication. To share large files I use Dropbox. These tools are perfect for project work. I use Skype and Hangouts for communicating with the contact person of Solidaridad (NGO) but also to speak to my family and friends overseas.

This week we contacted Maarten van Leeuwen on Hangouts. We had a lot of questions for him. Now we know more about the NGO and we can work on solving the problems they have with Drupal (online social platform). 

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juliameliga: SpiderGram of Group 4!!Really fun to do ;) First…


SpiderGram of Group 4!!
Really fun to do ;)

First let me explain what our thinking process was. We thought the Spidergraph was about two things. The way we as a team (red graph) communicate and the way that Solidaridad (blue graph) communicates. We understood later that we only need to make a graph for Solidaridad. 

I will now clarify why we have chosen this patern for the Spidergraph. The core of the problem of Solidaridad as we understood was that professional people (Expertise) could not communicate with other professionals (Relationships) overseas to share knowledge (Content) about ways to improve their work.

So to solve the problem we need to focus on those three points and thats why we ranked them so high.

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Starting IDE

It is week 2 and the IDE courses have officially started. I think the things we are learning this week are interesting. For example Personal Branding. I think it is important as a designer to show your own style. Then we have the project I wonder how that will go. We as group 4 just contacted the NGO for more clarity about the problem we need to solve for Solidaridad. 

I wish to learn more about design this year and especially the use of photoshop and other graphic computer programs. I got some photoshop skills but I want to become more professional. I also liked the workshop it is always great to learn to work with your hands.

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My blog

This is my blog. Here I will be showing my Designs, and my work for Project Community

Here is a banner I made for Ekolectric who will be standing on the iMobility Challenge (a Motor Show for innovative mobilty).




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