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Hello there, this is Nikita Kulakov and I am here to give a little overview on what I’ve experienced on the Project Communities course.

To begin with, the fact that we are working with actual NGO’s is very inspiring and makes the whole experience a lot more valuable, because we have the opportunity to counterfeit real problems in the real world.

The main challenges of this course should be:

1) obtaining the skill to find useful and precise information about the companies that we’re working with and determining their desires and needs

For this, we all need to find trustworthy sources with up-to-date information, which also has to be comprehended in the right way. As another part of this particular challenge, we will also get to contact representatives of the NGO’s we’re working with. 

2) finding our place in a group of people; defining which field of work suits each of us and keeps our productivity on a good level.

This part of the work is not only connected to Project Communities, but to nearly any instance we could end up in in our lives. Comparing our strong and weak sides, we will be able to determine the role (in a group), in which we are most effective and suitable.

3) working with other students; co-operating with different culture representatives in search of creative solutions

It would be wrong to say that working with other students would somehow separate Project Communities from any other courses, but, in my opinion, cooperation plays a massive role in this project, as long as we get to structure our groups’ working process. This should eventually lead us to the understanding of our responsibilities and the realization of which skills we are expected to hold in order to complete this project.

So I guess this is how I picture the main challenges (for me) of the Project Communities course and now it is time to face them all and get to solving the issues the NGO’s are having by using our #CulturalDifferences to come up with both useful and creative ideas within our group.

P.S. This concept of evaluating every piece of work we do actually appeals to me, because it helps us to understand what we’re doing better. And this, in turn, should boost our productivity.

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