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Project Communities: Accomplishment

This is our last week of Project Communities and we are currently working on production of the video for our NGO. We are going to present our advice and explain our points visually. We have to work really carefully to transfer our thoughts in a presentative way so that our client will be consulted properly and satisfied with the designed solutions.

There is also another thing… What I think that is important about using online communities and networks in innovative design. WIth the advent of the Internet, the way people work has changed cardinally. All new features allow to implement the plans easier so they leave more time for us to analyze and come up with new ideas. And one more point… the most essential tip for any kind of the project you carry out - finding the appropriate and convenient online tool for your specific strategy.

Personally I’ve learnt a lot from our Monday classes and team work throughout the whole process. To be brief, they are collaboration skills, Project Management attainments and Online Update. It used to seem to me that I have a complete picture about how Social Network works. However, I have been wrong because after this course I’ve found out to myself that is a way more global and vast community with more opportunities to be united and also realize your business purposes.

Facing everything I have been gaining during these weeks I can point out the most important Design Principle is

Good design is innovative

Regarding Vitsœ’s Good Design Principles, the possibilities for innovation are not, by any means, exhausted. Technological development is always offering new opportunities for innovative design. But innovative design always develops in tandem with innovative technology, and can never be an end in itself. So even if we are talking about Project for our NGO, what they have been lack of is innovation. That is what we are going to upgrade Gogorobi Foundation with. 

For those who are going to study this course next year, I would say that it is mistaken to be afraid of it in the beginning and find it confusing. Keep in mind that it is all about communication, teamwork and brainstorming and you will do it successfully. A one really good tip I would mention is team’s collaboration organizing. It would be better to decide on the style of the way your group will work and split the roles from the outset. Be more dynamic!

Project Communities course has attracted me to cooperation which is definitely going to help me with my path through IDE Program.

Thank you for reading!


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Approaching To The Main Goal

Currently we’ve almost completed our Project Communities Course. We’ve been working on different subjects, exploring new interactions facilities, searching for a right strategy. We’ve been trying to reveal how the NGOs actually work. Our main target has been Fundraising and Network Expansion of the particular NGO Gogorobi Foundation. In order to detect the convenient solution for our client we’ve learnt many facts about Technology Stewardship, Online Social Structures like Crowndsourcing and Crowdfunding Networks, Marketing and Customer Support Communities. Together these topics draw up the proper way of funding our NGO. However there’s one of them that seems to me as a more essential one.

I would say that more useful theme for us was Crowdfunding Networks. This one has brought effectiveness which we need to reach the goal and solve the unmet needs of the client. Why?

  1. Our NGO’s first need was distinctively defined as FUNDING. So if the most favorable Crowdfunding Network is chosen and the performance makes the right impression, then getting support from investors (people and organizations around the world) is not impracticable anymore;
  2. Crowdfunding itself had been obscure for me before we got to learn about it last week. I’ve gain a lot from that class and found out that this is meant to be the best solution for the type of a problem we’ve been trying to solve;
  3. Reckoning on crowdfunding platforms, there’s no need for Gogorobi to ponder on extra advertising spending (because I’d say that right use of Online Fundraising is already 50% of a matter).

It’s not a secret that having just a smart database set up is never enough for success. Outward appearence and presentation are playing the same key role as whatever you have inwards. This is why i think that concentrating on the way we’re going to perform our results is extremely important. We have to organize our power to head to making up a creative video that would contain all our suggestions in an attractive form. Thus, Gogorobi will be convinced that our proposal can be taken into account.

As a solution, I would advice to inspire each other within the team. As far as we all have our own points of you, we must share them with no hesitation. In this way, we’ll achieve to find out what is the most interesting part of a project for each member. Then we all will be motivated and ready to work on our visual output.

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Ask people

This week we sticked at crowdfunding networks. Crowdfunding is an application for collecting the funds through small contributions from many investors in order to finance a particular project or venture (defined by This is a concept of Crowdsoursing that we had explored earlier.

Crowdfunding platforms provide opportunities for anybody with Internet access to pitch an idea to their social network and to gather funding to realize their project. This is the easiest way to receive small contributions from people across the country and overseas. According to the latest measures, there are more than 2 billion people using Internet nowadays. 70% of them use it daily. How else if not through Networking platforms is it possible to request the funding  and raise a desired amount? We’ve learnt about different platforms such as,, and many others. they are all fairly easy to use and quite secure.

Design Solutions & Crowd

Talking about crowdsoursing and crowdfunding in design, there can be both advantages and disadvantages mentioned. These are the most essential ones i’ve thought of:


Relying on the crowdsoursing tools designers can get the feedback and ideas from a wide range of other designers with multifarious experiences and points of view across the country and overseas. They may find some unique idea or solution that would help with the project implementation.


When a person profits from somebody’s else creation it always comes to issues of Copyright. That’s why I think many designers intent to “go it alone” options. Moreover, design solution is something distinctive and special that makes a creator different from the others. It is a completely personal invention and that is why it’s meant to be so valuable. 

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Insight Of Collaboration

We’ve been working together already for a few weeks so by now we’ve managed to find out what is going well in our team and what should be improved. As I see it, a small fail of our group in the start of this project was uncertainty and lack of determination.

This Monday’s meeting was a way better because we have finally found a right approach to our goal and started to communicate with each other more effectively. Now I can say that our team is collaboration and that’s what is working well. For instance, we have decided on each member’s role in the group (patience was a great value) and now we cooperate a lot using our online meeting points. I’ve found it pretty useful to read some chapters from “Project Management. A practical approach” to understand how to use your team-working skills so that the project can evolve and develop (would like to thank Patryk, our idea developer, for reminding me about this course book).

 We’ll have to keep working on finding solutions for our NGO, organizing our information and advice, create a presentation and video. But another important target - teamwork excellence. That’s challenging.

It’s the fact that productivity of any group working on the joint project depends upon an aspect as size of the team. We are 8 and we faced with a problem of thoroughness of our work until we began to share the tasks out. This way we divided our group into 2 to work on Spider diagram and Research at the same time. That is also what we made for “Me, We, Network” and Crowdsourcing task. To sum up, I can say that working in a group of 4 people is more certain and brings more accomplishments.

We are from different countries and it means that every one has different cultural background. However, it doesn’t prevent us from matching each other at all. We can explain it by the impact of globalization process which unites the whole world.

Our task is getting more and more clear and this is what we need to catch up with what we missed and reach our objectives.

In the coming weeks I will try to be more decisive. This includes bringing out more convenient ideas and offers. I’d like to be a more helpful and desired team member and this is what i will work on. I think I can reach it by becoming more ambitious and following the advice that Nancy’s made during the hangout:

- have a plan
- surface assumptions
- check in frequently
- have a visual way to track tasks
- don’t work when hungry
- watch out for English language misinterpretation


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Many organizations can benefit in numerous ways by using today’s modern technology. People’s needs are increasing constantly, therefore the Internet facilities are expanding as well. The network actually has become the mean to create a big value by integrating the knowledge and offers of others or competences into better ideas and solutions for the target groups of people.

My own purposes

Personally I use a lot of different online resources with the various aims. At the same time I’m trying hard not to get too addicted to them. Sometimes I just need to search up the information I need for studying. That way I’m used to being operative and purposeful. However, most of the time I use the online tools for entertainment and communication.


I find all the virtual groups and societies very addictive. Even though many of them seem to be interesting and useful to participate in, I always try to avoid joining. But if I ever find any intersection with another person in wider network, I try not to lose the opportunity to share my thoughts with him or her and keep in touch.

Value of communication in wider networks

I suppose that it is in times more valuable to get together with people from the broader group as it is easier to find someone with the specific (just right the one that you can treat well) set of knowledge and attitudes. It is also more comfortable because you don’t need to depend upon your defined group - you can act the way you want.

My preferences

In my opinion, nowadays we have such a big variety of online tools and communities that there’s always something for everyone. Nevertheless, I continue making use of familiar and best known tools and don’t concern it conservatively. I am the regular user of Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube etc. Among those mentioned, I’d never give up using Facebook. This social network is the handiest system you can ever find which contains literally everything you might need to escape from boredom, keep in touch with all the people you want talk to, be aware of what’s going on in their lives and in the whole world. 

To sum up, it seems to me that the main tip for being a clever user is not to get addicted to the groups you might not really need AND to use more opened communities in order to feel at ease.

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Keep working digitally

This week we had our second Project Community class and it seemed really interesting. I think i’m starting to get into the subject and understand what it is for, what we should do next and what tools we still need to set. 

Talking about the digital environment, i’d like to mention that our modern life seems to be impossible to live in if you don’t have enough skills to work with networks. What do we need it for? Firstly, we need it to communicate with each other and with the whole world. This is the easiest way we can be connected to different communities as well as keep being aware of things going on worldwide. 


By now, our group has been keeping in touch using the WhatsApp group chat, Facebook group, Google mail. On our last meeting we used Google Hangout to contact with Nancy and Alan, members of our NGO. 

Personally I’m used to the online tools we have already set up with out team. However, i’m also into following the news on Internet. For example, I follow them on Twitter, BBC News, Euronews website and so on. Also I’m good at searching for the convenient information relating to any kind of subject. I like checking the YouTube as well.


Except being a good news provider, Twitter is also comfortable to follow your friends’ lives (if many of them are socially developed). Moreover, I use it to improve my reading skills in Spanish. I’ve subscribed to many different pages on spanish and read it very frequently. YouTube allows you to take up any kind of free online lessons: from guitar classes to make-up master classes. However, it seems to me that Facebook is remaining the most helpful and entertaining online tool. For me this is the best way to keep in touch with friends and family and with mates from other countries. So this is a really culturally various network. What can you use it for apart from conversations? Whatever. Even for the advertising matters. Once I was helping my friend to make up the PR plan in order to let their musical band be known. 

If it is ever needed, I would be happy to help anyone with connecting their device to Internet. This is what I’m often asked to do when someone’s connection is failed. Having a lot of practice, I think I already know how to deal with it. Switching to programming, I also can be a help with getting into Pascal or Visual Basic languages. 

I’m still not enough familiar with all of the other groups’ “unmet needs”. But I know that Group 8 is working on designing a plan that would help Solidaridad Network company create their internal network that would give them opportunity to share a big amount of information and at the same time to let the employees creating their Personal Branding identity. I’m pretty sure they’ve already found out how to face their NGO’s problem but I would be glad to help them if they need to know how to use one or another online tool (e.g. giving the tips about Facebook etc).

Before finishing writing this small report, it is here to say how essential the Internet is for any kind of project or planning. We’d never be able to successfully organize our work without being in touch on Facebook, WhatsApp and emails. Nevertheless, I think that we still have some arrangement things to consider. No doubt that we’ll turn all our power on to aim for our main target. 


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First Assignment


I’ve never been writing anything to blogs so this is my first time. 

We started out Project Communities classes this week so I’ve already have few things to say about it.

As I see it, the main purpose of this course is to let the students work as a team, learn how to create a project plan and come up with solutions. I think that these are really important skills for any kind of job and sphere. If we know how to work in team, we know how to get better results.

For open innovator it is compulsory to be able to make good plans in order to follow them during the creating something new. So I’m sure that after these weeks we’ll find the right way to communicate with each other and think in steps forward.

I really like our team. It is unique because each of us has his own view about the project we are working on.

I hope to help the team with looking for convenient solutions.

Thank you,


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