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Reminder – SOURCE your images, LINK your references

Source Your Visuals

Creative Commons Buttons from

Just a quick note. As I read across blogs some of you are very creatively incorporating visuals. (Interestingly, some of you are using the same visual. Be creative — look for new ones!)

I strongly suggest you link to your sources and give them attribution. In some cases, you are using copyrighted material without attribution which is not good academic practice, potentially a copyright violation and generally not very nice as a human being behavior. People like credit for their work! They appreciate being appreciated.

If you are looking for images that are free to use (like Creative Commons licensed images – and if you don’t know what Creative Commons is, follow that link!), consider tools like which give you an option for a free to use search criteria. Below is a screen shot from the Advanced Search feature on



And here is an example of how Alan found a great image, inserted it into this weeks task list, and referenced it.



Need to learn more and practice good citation? Try this game page.

Link to Your Resources/References

In a really great blog post today I read:

 Posting images with text (much like a Meme)

I have no idea what Meme is. Add a link. Increase the value of what you put on the web! All this community/network/crowdsourcing is about ADDING VALUE to get value. So add value!

Likewise, consider links resources to learn more. (Hint, they are in your weekly syllabus pages!)


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One comment on “Reminder – SOURCE your images, LINK your references
  1. Nancy White says:

    Ah, I was so happy to see the images in Rebecka’s post! Yay!

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